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White Swan and Cuckoo

White Swan and Cuckoo


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Wow, I first looked to see what reviews on Yelp there may be for this venue and there were NONE so not only am I the first to review but I also get to learn how to place a venue onto Yelp (you know I have a ton of time on my hands, well it is worth it given the help I’ve gotten from Yelp so it is a no brainer).

Another neighborhood gem, found simply by taking a walk in town. We had just arrived in London (9/24/13) for a week visit while visiting family and friends and landed in an area near Wapping/White Chapel. We were hungry and took a walk, and mind right by a McDonalds making to sure to minimize any visits to a familiar friendly venue and explore, take chances at a local eatery and in this case local pub (yay!). One thing I recall about pubs as opposed to bars in the states is that they are family friendly environments, way more so than in the states. We (two adults to two near 4 year old twin toddlers) first walked by this pub and I noticed a few locals sitting at the bar (about 5pm) just like any local bar. Went another block didn’t see much and came right back to this location when my partner said okay let’s go to McDonalds and I said no right as we were walking right back toward out flat and I said no we’re going in here.

Smart move, only a your neighborhood pub, nothing special about the decor, kind of rustic, even a little beat up but comfortable even with little kids. First thing I ordered was a Stella on tap (yes!) and the kids took immediately to one of what turns out to be three cats on premises. This is great since entertaining toddlers is important part of the dining experiencing, and this part is great since it allows the adults to actually eat without too much bother from managing kids. The two adults have fish and chips and beef lasagne. First the fish. I love cod and it comes out as one breaded filet and this seems adequate but not too flavorful since it required tartar sauce (my measure of good fish and chips is if you can eat the fish and enjoy it without tartar sauce) but it is not fishy and seems reasonably fresh. Chips was fine and there were PEAS which were a little mashy like a mix between steamed peas and split pea soup, still tasty. Beef lasagne was a generous portion (leftover next day was great!) with ground beef but a nice marinara sauce, not fine dining but good standard pub fare. Kids had chicken strips which were actually quite good. Perfectly cooked, moist and tasty, they loved them. And of course they loved the chips.

There is a pool table which was open at the time we were there, a slot machine by the loo and TV for sports viewing. Plenty of room for large parties. There is also Friday night Karaoke for those inclined after inebriation.

Recommend and would not hesistate to come back. In fact, our little boy wants to come back and play with Biscuits and his two mates, the cats!


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