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The King’s

The King’s


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This is it folks. Friends keep asking me to explain what an “American Dive Bar” is, and *this* is it, or at least as close as you’ll come here in the UK. And no, water is not involved in any way shape or form.

Sure a bit has been lost in translation, but this cheap, well-worn neighbourhood watering hole simultaneously involves darts, karaoke, seedy clientele, and a menu of beer, beer, or gin & tonic. The attitude is quite old-timey as well and rather than conform to the newly revamped Islington crowd, the Kings Head clearly proclaims: “Join us as we are, or piss off.” Gotta respect that, right?

But get this…

On weekdays and nights, turns out that the Kings Head puts on its more upscale hat for the regulars with free wi-fi, delicious pub food, sky sports, and an apparent fruit machine? The back patio looks like it would be a fantastic summertime haunt if you can pass up the passionate pub quizzers, making this local crotchety old pub one of my newest faves.

I’ll take character over conformity any day.


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