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The Ivy House

The Ivy House


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The Ivy House is a hidden gem out beyond the back of Nunhead Cemetery. It’s the first community owned pub in London, and one of the best in my opinion.

The building itself is a large former Truman’s pub, but with lots of character. A bar services three rooms. The first is usually the fullest, with tables scattered here and there. The second and largest room houses a small vaudeville-style stage that hosts gigs and stand up. The third has dark oak booths lining either side. As well as some benches out the front, there’s also a small and nicely furnished courtyard out the back. It’s a huge space for somewhere quite out of the way, but doesn’t ever feel empty.

Being a community-owned pub in one of the most highly concentrated areas of London for craft beer, the range of beer on offer is superb. Breweries based in Brockley, Gypsy Hill, Peckham, Brixton, as well as many from further afield, provide beers ranging from porter to wheat beer.

The food doesn’t disappoint either. Sundays in particular, when the pub sets up a large barbecue outside the front, are a highlight. Try the steak.

Being a community pub, there’s also plenty of community activities, ranging from yoga to a chess club.

Round it off with friendly staff who clearly care about their pub, and you’ve got a five star establishment. Highly recommended!


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