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The Elmhurst

The Elmhurst


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I recently went to the Elmhurst with an old friend with whom I recently got chatting to again. I had never been before, but have always seen it driving past etc. It has looked the same since I can remember and I was quite intrigued to see what it looked like inside.

When I arrived to meet up with my friend and our two female neutral friends, they were sitting at a table, surrounded by other standing and sitting punters, arguing about something. They all had downed a few drinks before I got there, and were the centre of attention, they were shouting and screaming and I thought to myself, where have I come to. When I sat at the table, they all hugged me in their drunken way and then just carried on, other punters started laughing.

But after five minutes of being there, I realised that even though everybody was watching, nobody actually cared, they just carried on drinking, carried on with Karaoke, and got on with their night.
People still kept dancing on what was quite a large dance floor and the security nor bar staff cared at all.

I stayed for about two hours and throughout they were arguing, it was a surreal night out. In other pubs, we would have been thrown out or others would have got involved. Ironically the argument ended when it was closing time and when it was time to stand and sing the Irish national anthem. One of the mot surreal nights out I have had, and a good crack.

It’s a little dated inside, with the old stalls, an wooden tables, could do ith a little smartening up, but I like it.


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