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The Blue Anchor Public House

The Blue Anchor Public House


Product Description

I found this place quite by accident and I’m sure I never would have had it not been for the torrential downpour I needed to escape from.. It’s down a little alleyway, so it’s not completely obvious unless you’re looking for it.

It’s a real diamond in the (not-so) rough. Every part of it is great food, service, staff, atmosphere, price.. I’ll go in order:

The food is just your standard pub food and there’s a good selection to choose from. However, although the dishes are the same as you’d find in any generic pub, the quality and flavour far exceeds expectation all of it seems fresh and delicious.

Food comes out quickly and all the staff I have encountered have been helpful, happy and well-mannered. They also have theme nights such as BBQ, curry and (yikes) Karaoke..

There’s a little outside space for those smokers among us and a larger area downstairs. Everyone there seems to be having a good time and you feel like you could speak to your neighbours if you wanted (a rarity for London pubs).

Given all of the above, you wouldn’t mind paying a little above the odds.. Not that you have to. Food is very well priced (around £6 for more than you need for lunch) and beer and wine are standard bar prices.


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