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Potters Arms

Potters Arms


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A boozer. But not a great one. Bizarrely, you have to follow the signs for Tesco (Church Langley) to get to the place. This means that location-wise, it’s pants – you literally are in the Tesco car park, with a view of trolleys and shoppers – just weird. It is a Brewers Fayre pub (I think) but if you’re not eating it doesn’t make a difference, and personally, I wouldn’t expect too much if I ordered grub here.

They have all of the usual beers on offer, and virtually no specialist ones. A range of alcopops and cheap wines complete the set. Every so often they have events there (like Karaoke) that can be good for a laugh, as long as you’re not the one being laughed at. There are also a few TVs dotted around for the footy etc.

Church Langley is a huge, recently built, housing estate so it is a meeting point for a large set of those residents, and as one of my fellow drinkers lives there I did see an element of community as people came in that he knew and they’d make small talk at the bar. That could bump the score up if you felt that sense of community when you walked in. For me, it was a soulless place.

The only saving grace is that it’s a fairly big pub, with lots of room to move around.

There is also ample car parking – you can always park in Tesco if there is not room at the pub itself – and the staff are mostly very friendly.

Prices are pretty reasonable, and I guess that you could always duck in for a cheeky pint while the missus finishes the shopping 😉


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