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PortSide Parlour

PortSide Parlour


Product Description

Looking for a dance party, d-bags, and vodka whatevers? I wasn’t either when I so luckily noticed PortSide Parlour and popped in.

PSP is a serious cocktail bar that doesn’t take things too seriously. A small staff – super friendly and oozing with sarcasm.

But let’s be real, I wasn’t sticking around for social skills. These guys are passionate about the drinks. Tell them what you’re in the mood for, or a flavor that’s on your mind and they’ll take their time to create something nice. If you don’t like it they’ll make you something else, like Starbucks, but the opposite of Starbucks at the same time. Because they don’t suck.

Drinking there is like working with a really good bike mechanic who is meticulous about getting things just right. The experience is hard to come by, but when you find it you know it.

Ask about the karaoke rooms in the back!


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