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Lucky Voice Soho

Lucky Voice Soho


Product Description

I can’t help myself.

Terrible singer or not, I have to sing or I could veritably blow up. In the car, shower, much to my husband’s dismay.

So when I saw a karaoke place open until midnight, on a SUNDAY, I felt all was right in the world.

Cool karaoke places get you excited to be in there, before you even get to the private rooms. Even without people (it is Sunday) I could see myself being a regular there.

Then the bad news came: They were closing at 11pm for a service vendor to come in waaahhh! I was a bit sad but then in the same breath, the guy told us we could sing for 35 minutes.. FOR FREE. Totally awesome of him ^_^

Inside, the rooms were clean and modern. The controls are on the wall next to the screen and we found most of the music we liked to sing! There’s a mirror in there so you can rate your air guitar/Tina Turner hair flip etc.

The only star strike is because the music and the lyrics on the screen are a tiny bit off on almost all the songs. So close, Lucky Voice!

But really, if you drink enough, does anybody care? 🙂


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