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Karaoke Box Soho

Karaoke Box Soho


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I was reminded just how much I love karaoke this weekend, after spending a couple of hours here with 11 girlies on a hen do. Even though our booking was extremely early by usual karaoke standards at like 5pm, we all still got involved, out of tune and proud, without needing the kind of warm up drinking sesh that some of my other friends would definitely need!

This place is pricey, as expected given the prime central location, at about £140 for two hours in the large max 12 room. I think it’s a little more later in the evenings but have special deals on quieter days. The song choice is great and you can search by artist or song (though it doesn’t separate the two). They had everything from golden oldies to current chart tunes already (the closet Beliebers were happy *ahem*).

It does the job well – the mikes worked, the room was a good size and you don’t need much more than that! Have kept at 4 stars as I think the room layout could be better – some coat hooks would be really useful to save space and avoid spillage, as the place they suggest you put drinks isn’t very practical.


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