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Carpenters Arms

Carpenters Arms


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My friend spent AGES looking for somewhere in London where we could have a go at karaoke on a Saturday night, and this was the only place she could find. However, on arriving we found we were the youngest ones there (and we’re in our 30’s) so we felt a bit out of place. It certainly feels like a “local” pub and everyone seemed to know everyone else.

The karaoke was already going when we got there at about 9pm, although it was just the DJ doing the singing, and choosing lots of 60s and 70s songs. It was very loud so don’t go on a Saturday night if you expect to have a chit-chat with your mates!

It wasn’t too hard to get a seat when we arrived although it got crowded fairly quickly after that, and it’s quite a small, cosy type of pub. There are wooden benches outside so I suspect it’s nice on warmer evenings or summer afternoons.

But, due to feeling like we were the odd ones out (I guess it didn’t help that me and my friends look a bit gothy) we just had one drink and left without doing any karaoke. It certainly wasn’t anything to do with the bar staff or the people in the pub, and purely down to how we felt. I really think it’s quite a nice lil place, just not my sort of thing.

(And this is one review where I can’t mention the loos as I didn’t get to experience them LOL!)


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