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Laura: “Hi, I’ll have a…”

Bar Music: “Oohhhhhh Baby giiiivve me one more chaaance, show me that you looove me… won’t you please let meeeeee back in your heart.”

———(Insert Michael Jackson circa 1969 dance party HERE)

Laura: “Sorry — I’m back now. I’d like the…”

Bar Music: “Like a fool I went and stayed too long… now I’m wondering if your loves still strong, oooooooohhhiiiiyy-oo baby, here I am…”

———(Insert thumb microphone, impromptu karaoke HERE)

Laura: “Basil? In a martini? Sounds…”

Bar Music: “Rescue me… Oh take me in your arms. Rescue me.. I want your tender charms. ‘Cuz I’m looooonely and I’m bluuue, I need yooooou and your love too…”

———-(Insert hip swinging, head shaking’ soul train throw down HERE)

Laura: “£7.50? Seriously? Fine. Gulp, gulp. gulp… ahhhhh.”

Bar Music: blah laaaa blah… ’90s pop de-pop something…

———-(Insert cue to leave HERE)


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