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Went inside on a rainy day by chance because it started raining!

It was very fun inside, nobody was bowling when we checked it out. Many people playing DDR but they were all beginners. They had the newest machine but it did not look like it was in perfect playing condition. They did however have 3 of these machines. Many older machines looked ragged.

Beers were around 10£ and on tap! Not a horrible price for this part of town.

It was right next to a PRET and the London Eye, Shrek ride, etc.

It looked to have many new/old games but was missing Japanese classics with Sanwa authentic parts/sticks. The place was busy, and I would definitely come back with some friends to play games and relax.

The prize games in the front look unwinnable.

The bathroom:
Clean but small. Stalls had fully closing doors for privacy. The urinals had no walls between them and were very close, it was had to not be in there and see others junk.

Bottom line:
Not a hardcore Japanese or gaming arcade, so casuals and kids will be abound. Great location, but just not of an enthusiast vibe to get hardcores comings back. I would give it 3 stars but like seeing more arcades around so I’ll give it a 4 star.


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