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All Star Lanes on Brick Lane is a very unique place. Somewhere where you and a group of friends can bowl, enjoy some food, and sing some karaoke. 7 of my friends and I booked online for Saturday night for all three options. Online it said “Deposit: £104”. However, NO WHERE did it say “this does not include food, service charge, etc.”

We had a great time bowling, eating, and singing karaoke. When we were eating we thought it was odd that each person could order two courses (starter and a main or main and a dessert) with a cocktail for the £104 total. We asked two separate waiters multiple times if we would be charged extra for the food. They each said “no you already paid there’s no extra charge”. We thought this was way too good to be true…it was.

After karaoke we went to get my credit card from the desk where they hold it and they handed us the bill and it was £350! (I am from the states and that converted to about $450). My friends and I were super confused since we were told multiple times by two waiters that there would be no extra charge. We relayed this to the ladies behind the counter and they said the waiters should have known and they told us the wrong information. We said this wasn’t fair, especially since there is NOTHING online about it. One of the ladies behind the counter was nice and offered us a discount and took away the £30 service charge, the other lady wasn’t so nice. We ended up only paying £25 extra per person.

Although we had fun, this was definitely not worth paying £350 for. The food was only okay and the portions were tiny, the staff was unhelpful and some of them rude, although we did enjoy our night. We will not be returning though, not with those prices.

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